Determining the optimal container

PackApp supports you in determining the container requirement for your transports.

Save transportation costs:

  • As few containers as possible: Save complete containers due to an optimized loading plan.
  • Smallest container possible: Maybe instead of a 40´container a 20´container is sufficient or instead of an expensive highcube a standard container will work, too.
  • Special containers only when strictly required: Initially PackApp will draw on standard containers. Expensive containers like flatrack or opentop will only be used if absolutely necessary.

The following overview shows on what basis PackApp selects the containers.

Container type Description
20ft standard container
20‘ standard-container In case of smaller load quantity or if there´s a remaining part of a bigger load.
40ft standard container
40‘ standard-container This is the default, if the 20´container is too small.
40ft highcube container
40‘ highcube-container For items with a height of more than 2,38m. The highcube allows heights up to 2,69m.
20ft opentop container
20‘ opentop-container One of two conditions has to be met: The package´s height exceeds 2,69m and thus won´t fit into a highcube. Or the package requires loading by crane, e.g. due to its weight.
40ft opentop container
40‘ opentop-container If the conditions for opentop apply, but 20´opentop is too small.
20ft flatrack container
20‘ flatrack-container For packages with excess width that won´t fit into a standard container since they are wider than 2,35m.
40ft flatrack container
40‘ flatrack-container If the conditions for flatrack apply, but 20´flatrack-container is too small.
45ft highcube container
45‘ highcube-container This container is used for packages longer than 12,03m since they don´t fit into a standard-container.

PackApp automatically takes all requirements into account to determine the most favorable container selection for your transport. Of course you can also restrict the container selection to prevent the selection of a not preferred container type. Also you can preselect your preferred container resulting in disregard of other container types.

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