WHAT´S NEW? - PackApp update 2110

PackApp update 2110 is available since 10-30-2021.

This short article reviews the four most essential new features and how to utilize them.

Support of 45´containers

In consequence of considerable demand the 45´container is now being provided as option in PackApp´s container calculations. Klick “new calculation” and this new container type will be shown along with the already provided ones.

Container selection with 45ft Container

Selection of a 45´container:

  1. Manually:
    Deselecting all other container types results in a “forced” selection of the 45´container.
  2. Automatically:
    If adding an overlong package that does not fit into any other container type, PackApp automatically will choose the 45´container.

Additional package option “craning required”

The already existing packing specifications that can be set in “enter packing list” have been expanded by the option “craning required”. This option is necessary when loading packages that cannot be loaded through the container´s doors by forklift truck due to their size or weight. PackApp takes this into account and automatically chooses a suitable opentop or flatrack container.

New option 'Craning required'

Support of partial delivery

Although large quantities of packages within one calculation make it difficult to maintain orientation within your result, sometimes it´s unavoidable or unwanted. That is why PackApp now supports splitting of a calculation result into several smaller groups respectively partial deliveries. Simply tag each item on the packing list with relevant marking and all items with the same labeling will be calculated in form of a separate lot without being removed from the overall calculation. This new option ensures that items with different markings will not be loaded into the same container so that separate dispatch is being possible for each partial delivery. The total calculation remains unchanged.

Neue Option 'Partial delivery'

Labeling and user-defined tabs

User-defined labels and tab cards that can be applied to calculations on PackApp´s desktop allow you even better organization of transports.

PackApp desktop labeling and tabs

Each calculation can be assigned one or more labels. Choose the label´s text and color for

  • e.g. a specific destination
  • a hazard notice
  • a calculation you want to remember later
  • a customer reference
  • a shipping period

or anything else that improves your orientation. Simply click the label icon that shows up when moving your mouse cursor to the relevant calculation.

Add a label zu to a calculation
Create new label

Labels also allow you easy access to specific calculations via searching or filtering.

They also complement the likewise new option for user-defined tabs on PackApp´s desktop perfectly. In addition to the existing standard tabs for completed and open calculations you also can create your own tab cards with a predefined filter.

All calculations with the same label as being filtered for will be displayed on the corresponding tab thus reducing the number of shown calculations to improve orientation further.

You´ll find the feature to create your own tab card in the menu option “Customize tab”.

Customize tabs