Your first calculation with PackApp (Creation of a loading plan without any special requirements)

In this article I´d like to briefly introduce you to how to swiftly create a loading plan calculation and capacity planning in no time at all.

Packing list

Let´s say, this is the packing list you want to send by means of standard containers.

Quantity Packaging Dimensions (LxBxH) Weight
10 Pallet 120x80x140 cm 200 kg
8 Box 90x95x70 cm 85 kg
2 Crate 220x100x120 cm 300 kg

Starting the calculation and entering data

The foremost question usually is which type of container should be loaded and how many loading meters will be used, will there be left-over loading space?

PackApp supports us throughout the whole calculation process by offering easy to use input masks and dialogue boxes that keep the process simple.

Click “New Calculation” to start the calculation process.

First of all we have to choose a title, resp. a description for our calculation, so we´ll be able to find it later on, too. Let´s name this example “ example-container calculation”.

Input form - Enter description

Then we´ll choose the required transportation unit, here “container” from the drop-down box and subsequently the available container types.

In this example let´s select the 20´-and the 40´standard container. That means that PackApp will try to fit all of your packing list in the smallest possible container, here the 20´container. If the packages cannot be loaded in the 20´container, PackApp will automatically use the 40´container to load.

Input form - Select container types

Having selected the required transportation unit we now can start to enter our packing list. The filled-in input mask shows as follows:

Input form - Packing list

As you can see the individual packages have been assigned different colors. This helps us to identify particular packages later on in the calculation results. This makes it so easy to find packages in the loading plan!

That´s it. We´re done!

The data can now be submitted by clicking “Start Calculation”.

After just a few seconds we´re being redirected to the calculation results.

Calculation results

PackApp has calculated that the packages on our packing list won´t fit in a 20´container and thus used a 40´container to load.

We can see in the displayed floor plan that only 8 loading meters are occupied, i.e. 4 meters are still at disposal to be loaded.

Floor plan

Resulting loading pattern for 40 foot container

Visualization in 3d

Result 3d for 40 foot container

Thanks to PackApp´s detailed specifications, we can now contact our forwarding agent on base of this storage plan to receive a qualified offer.

If you´d like to view the result of this calculation live in PackApp including the 3d view, please click here: this article´s calculation results

Try out PackApp now and start your own calculation using the free trial version: Calculate your own package list for containers

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