WHAT´S NEW? - PackApp update 2106

Inform yourself about the most important new features and their application options.

Support for flat rack containers

The option “flat rack container” is now being listed automatically under “choose transportation unit” following your click on “new calculation”.

Container selection with flat rack container

There are two ways to get a flat rack container as your chosen transportation unit:

  1. deselect all other offered container types save the flat rack container to enforce your choice.

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  2. include an extra-wide package to the packing list which will lead to PackApp offering you the flat rack container automatically in order to fit this package.

Additional 3D-miniature in the calculation result

The loaded container is now being displayed in the calculation result with an additional 3D-miniature showing both sides. On request this view can be added to the print output.

Container calculation result with 3D miniature

Formulation of a loading instruction walkthrough

Create a step-by-step instruction for your completed calculation.

Specify yourself the included loading instructions. Add specific notes, warnings and hazard notices to every single step.

Naturally the loading instructions can be transferred to and shared with your transportation partners, same as the calculation results, simply by sending a link via email.

Container loading step by step instructions

Customizable labeling

Customize the packages´ labeling that is being shown in the calculation result by using View/display option in the menu.

Choose whether the package´s number, content, labeling, size or weight will be displayed in the calculation result or not. Font size and formatting also can be set here.

Filing of container numbers or markers

Upon dispatching/shipping the transport you receive the corresponding container or truck number which now can be filed in the calculation result by using “calculation/edit loading instructions” in the result.

Use the specified field in the entry mask´s top right corner to include the relevant information.

Input mask for entering the container number

Additional labeling options for packages

Add a GTIN, an EAN or some other package marking to every single package in the calculation entry mask using “options” at the end of each package entry.

This information will then be displayed on the correspondent package in the completed calculation result.

Enter additional labeling options