Organize your transports
Use calculation results to optimize your cargo by assembling, splitting and merging packing lists

Every calculation`s objective is to optimize the utilization of available loading space in regard to the chosen transportation unit. What does that mean for the packing lists?

Generally, as many packages as possible should be loaded into a container avoiding any surplus pieces. Unfortunately, this is exactly what usually happens. The calculation results show fully loaded transportation units and one only partially filled one resulting in unwanted empty loading space.

In order to avoid this unused space PackApp offers the option to split off the content of the only partly loaded unit in form of a newly created packing list that later on can be either merged with other “rest of”- packing lists or added to new ones to create new calculations.

Take a look at the following calculation example: The second only partially loaded container stands out immediately.

Sample packing list

Quantity Packaging Dimensions (LxBxH) Weight
15 Euro-Palette 120x80x120 cm 80 kg
9 Box 90x90x90 cm 85 kg
7 Crate 200x100x150 cm 150 kg

Calculation result

One 40´container filled to capacity and one 20´container partially filled:

Ergebnis Container 1: 40 Fuß
Ergebnis Container 1: 20 Fuß

Should you decide to finalize your transport through sending only the fully loaded 40´container, use PackApp´s option to split off the partially loaded unit. It will then be saved as an uncalculated packing list for later use.

Splitting the calculation result

Mit Hilfe der Funktion „Ergebnis aufteilen“ werden die betroffenen Packstücke in eine neue Berechnung mit dem Titel „Rest von…“ gespeichert und können so später ergänzt oder mit anderen Rest- oder auch ganz neuen Berechnungen zusammengeführt werden.

Maske Ergebnis aufteilen

Merging of packing lists

All “rest of…”-packing lists are listed under “open calculations” and can be added to and merged with others.

Simply start a new calculation or open an already existing one from “open calculations”. Use “Merge packing list” to choose the packing list you wish to merge this one with. Of course you can also choose an already calculated packing list to add.

Eingabe-Maske: Ergebnis zusammenführen

This can be done repeatedly in order to merge more than two packing lists.

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