Sharing the loading plan with others (Which option should I choose?)

We´re done! The loading plan is finished and finally ready to put to use! (if you are not familiar with creating a loading plan go here)

So what to do now?

Maybe we want to

  • forward the loading plan to a colleague?
    If sharing the loading plan with a colleague is what we want to do, we could be tempted to share the Login and account in order to allow the recipient to view our calculation result. But that should be an absolute no-do! Think of internet security etc. We only want to share our lists and plan, nothing else! PackApp offers us an easy to use option that keeps both our data safe and still allows you to share the required files comfortably, see below!
  • get an offer from a carrier?
    We could also create a print version or a .pdf-file to forward. But then the recipient wouldn´t be able to view the calculation result interactively. (And although PackApp totally does support this solution, it also offers an even easier way to communicate your loading plan to others! See below) to see more go to the online help and look for “Print view”
  • or simply display the result quickly and easily on a mobile device?
    Opening files on a mobile device can be tricky and tiresome if we have to use an on-screen keyboard. We´ve all experienced how irritating that can be!

So what does PackApp offer in regard to the above mentioned to keep the process comfortable to handle, no matter the need?

All of the above can be achieved by using PackApp´s new Sharing option!

First, we need to either log in or register with PackApp, since this option is not available for the unregistered test version.

Then we open the to be shared calculation result, select “calculation” on the standard menu bar and choose “Share”.

Sharing menu in the calculation result

The share view will open and allows us to copy the according link which we then can attach to an email etc.

Input form - Sharing
Sharing: email with link to loading pattern

That´s it! An easy and fast way to forward the interactive loading plan to whoever you choose as recipient!

Try it yourself: You can click this link to open a shared result in a new browser tab: Open shared result

Clicking on the link opens the complete calculation result including the packing list, the loading plan, the used transportation units and the interactive 3d visualization, which allows a better overview on the loading solution!

See the online help for further information