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PackApp is available in various versions:

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The most essential PackApp features at a glance

Determine container requirement

How many containers do I need for my shipment?

Which container types to use? Do I have to order a 20 ft or a 40 ft container?

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Plan your shipment

Separate not fully loaded containers to fill them up with addidtional cargo.

Merge various packing lists to achieve better utilization.

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Optimize loading and storage space

Modify the stacking and let PackApp calculate different packing options.

Edit the calculation result manually to take custom specifications into account.

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Truck requirement

How many trucks do I need for this shipment?

How many loading meters does it require?

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Document your cargo

Map out a step by step description regarding the order and stacking of packages to be loaded.

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Share calculation results

Share the storage plan with co-workers, shipping agents and consignees.

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Calculation examples for loading plans

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Example 1:

My packing list comprises 798 packages. How many containers do I need?

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Example 2:

Which container types to select for the shipment?

A 40 ft or is a 20 ft container big enough?

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Example 3:

The client says: ”We´ll need 7 trucks.” Should that not fit into 6?

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Determine container requirements

Reduce your costs by having PackApp doing the calculation for you how many containers are really needed for your transport.

PackApp will automatically offer you the smallest possible storage plan solution precisely tailored to your specifications.

Expensive special containers like high-cube, open-top or flat-rack are only being proposed if absolutely necessary in regard to your cargo which helps minimizing your costs.

Determine right at the beginning of the calculation which container types PackApp should consider or omit. The selection will then be made automatically.

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40' Standard-Container
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20' Standard-Container
Card image cap
40' High-Cube-Container
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40' Open-Top-Container
Card image cap
20' Open-Top-Container
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40' Flat-Rack-Container

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Determine truck requirements

PackApp helps you to plan and calculate the loading of your trucks effortlessly and efficiently.

You can use either the preset/default truck types, modify these or add customized trucks. Simply enter the loading area´s size as well as the maximum load.

The cargo´s center of gravity is also being calculated and can be viewed in the calculation results.

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Optimize your loading and storage plan

PackApp supports the set up of a storage plan in a variety of ways:

  • Modify the stacking and instantly recalculate the resulting storage plan
  • Split your shipments or merge them to achieve the optimum utilization of your containers and trucks
  • • Edit the calculation result manually to achieve exactly the storage plan you need

Share calculation results

Following the carried out calculation PackApp offers you the option to share your new storage plan with your transport partners. Ensure all people involved are informed comprehensively and in detail about the load distribution.

Simply forward the calculation results via email in order to open and view the loading plan in a web browser anytime on any device like pc, tablet or mobile phone.

Document your cargo and write loading instructions

A detailed step by step plan with specific instructions can be set up for both the loading and the unloading of the shipment.

This option allows you e.g. to specify into which container and at what position a certain package is to be loaded.

…and lots of other options

Tried and tested in practice

Use PackApp´s convenient input mask to swiftly enter packing lists or have them taken over automatically from the integrated calculation interface. Of course it´s possible to add packages to or separate them from the electronic packing list. There are various options available in regard to the calculation of the storage space plan, e.g. you can specify the container types to be used and their number or achieve the optimum loading plan via various loading modes (LCL and FCL).

Integrated into your business

PackApp features a REST-programming interface (API) that allows you to implement an automatic link to your ERPS and TMS thus preventing duplicate entries and achieving a deeper integration into your business procedures. Contact us for further information, we´re looking forward to assisting you with using PackApp´s interfaces.

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Only pay for what you really use

In contrast to other storage space programs PackApp only has to be paid for on basis of the number of calculations actually carried out. Upon request a monthly package price is also available. Work on any number of workstations in your enterprise using PackApp and integrate your business partners like forwarding and stowage agents with no additional costs.

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System requirements

An up-to-date web browser e.g. firefox, chrome, safari or Microsoft edge.