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PackApp Cargo Space Planning

Cargo space planner in 2D and 3D

PackApp is an innovative web software for the calculation of land- and sea-based transports. From your package list PackApp will calculate a detailed stowage and cargo space plan in seconds. As as result of the calculation you will get loading plans in 2d and 3d view as well as a pdf report. PackApp supports standard ISO containers, different truck types and free definable transport units. By applying current web technologies you will be able to view your load from any angle directly in the browser.


Within seconds you enter your packages in comfortable mask. Or just import automatically from an interface into PackApp. You can add or remove packages to or from your electronic package list any time. There are several options available for calculation. For example you can specify the type and amount of available containers. By means of alternative load modes (LCL and FCL) you will achieve the best results depending on your goal.


PackApp allows you to team with internal and external partners. You can release your calculations for other users. For example for loading experts that can make further optimization and return the results back to you.

For anyone who is shipping

Production industry, forwarders and stowage companies will benefit together from the comprehensive functionality.

Full computing power of the Cloud

For your stowage planning you will profit from our calculation service grid, that will provide enourmous calculation power in less time. After the activation of your account you can start immediatly. You will only need an pc or tablet with internet access and a current web browser.

Integrated into your business

PackApp has a REST programming interface (API), with which you can implement an automatic connection to your ERP or transport management system. This avoids duplicate entries and improves integration into your processes. Contact us, we will be happy to advise and support you in the use of our interfaces.

Further information for software developers can be found here

Pay only what you really need

You pay on base of your calculations. On request we will offer a monthly package price to you. Without additional costs you can use PackApp on as many computers and with as many users in your company as you like. Partners like forwarders or stowage companies can be integrated for free.

PackApp - Prices

Hardware Requirements

Current web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari oder Internet Explorer (Version 11 for 3d animation )